Established in 2005, SAJ is a high-tech enterprise specializing in PV inverters, energy storage inverters and systems, and motor drive & control products. The company has four core technology systems for energy conversion, energy storage, energy management, and energy consumption, and has insight into the needs of users in different fields to provide efficient distributed PV grid-connected solutions, home light storage solutions, and motor drive solutions to empower customers in the three fields. The company’s product design and technical parameters meet the requirements of the world’s major countries and have obtained more than 100 domestic and international certificates, and its products are exported to more than 80 countries or regions around the world. The certifications involved mainly include CQC certification in China, CE certification in the EU, TÜV certification in Germany, BV certification in France, SAA certification in Australia, Dekra certification in the Netherlands, and Intertek certification in the UK.